William Roberts

Artist Statement

This body of work is not so much a reference to a visible reality, but rather to a reality that is artificial, that is a fabrication of another world.

When painting I stick to certain rules of a kind of game of which I set myself particular tasks. The point of these tasks is specifically, that I commit myself to them, whatever the consequences, to carry them out. 


I try to make paintings that contain everything visually on the surface and that appear to have nothing hidden. To make paintings that are about what is in the painting not behind it and question what it is we have in front of us. In some way control the paint and the construction of that painting to contain a virtual reality, something that does exist but is otherworldly. This is displayed amongst the influences of the process and the painting games that one has strictly stuck too. 


The painting becomes a made object, something real and something you can believe in. However, even though they appear in reality, the paintings are made to appear to have qualities that are from another world. They are virtual paintings, they could be ceramics or sculpture, and question what they really are. 


William is a Contemporary Collective Artist