Scarlett Raven

Artist Statement


Scarlett Raven is a 27 year old British artist living in England. With a degree in Art from Central Saint Martins, she is one of the youngest artists to have had a solo exhibition in London’s esteemed Cork Street Galleries, entitled 'Seascape', in 2008, the exhibition attracted media and collectors attention. Since graduating in 2009, Scarlett has participated in a number of group shows across London, and enjoyed another two successful solo shows: 'Paint' in Hackney’s Printhouse gallery in 2010 and 'Flight' in 2012, again on Cork Street.

“Introducing a Van Gogh in the making.” ES Magazine

Scarlett has been involved in a number of public projects, such as recently creating the cover for fundraising record, The Beautiful Game, released for Prince Harry’s Sentebale charity, and a painting for the Live Nations entrance, located on Oxford Street, London in 2007. Her relationship with oil paint also saw her feature in the Cass Art, Paint This Town print campaign which was launched twice across the UK. The campaign showcased Scarlett, her overalls, her website and Winsor and Newton’s new 200ml oil colour.

“London’s New Stars” Tatler

Scarlett’s love of music has seen her collaborate with a variety of musical talents, including designing album artwork for Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay and Paul Thompson’s new band, The Metaphors, David Saw’s solo album Broken Down, and Wiredaisies.

Scarlett has enjoyed international critical acclaim including the Indian Times, Daily Mail, ES magazine, Creative Review, Modern Painters, Tate Magazine, Tatler, Time Out, La Mode, and Life Magazine. Popular acclaim is worldwide, with collectors in the UK, Dubai, Miami and Texas, and a number of high profile supporters such as Lord Jonathan Marland (Tory Party Treasure), Duffy, Take That, Roxy Music, Orlando Bloom, Jim Beach (Queen manager), Clare Francis (British Yachtswoman & bestselling novelist), David Lenigas (Chairman of Lonrho) and Paul Latham (Chairman of LIVE NATION).



Orlando Bloom

“I love how bold, courageous and beautiful Scarlett’s work is.”

Mark Owen, Take That

“I wish for just one day I could borrow Scarlett’s eyes and see the world as she does, the depth and colour, the textures. Scarlett’s paintings in our house are always the first ones people ask about and of course I tell them I did it... only joking! If Scarlett painted the world then we wouldn’t have to worry so much about getting into Heaven.”

David Lenigas

“I invest in the future and thats what Scarlett Raven is!”

Sally Norris, Series Producer & Director (The Diamond Queen)

“The true mark of an artist is individuality, that special chord struck which marks a painting as the work of an individual and distinctive artist, and that’s what Scarlett Raven possesses with great skill and remarkable intensity.”

Clare Francis, British Yachtswoman & Bestselling Novelist

“Scarlett captures the richness and might of the sea like no other. Her work is breath taking.”

Aliza Reger CEO, Janet Reger

"Scarlett is a truly remarkable, original and exceptional artist. Everything about her and her work is strong, confident and bold. I love her use of colour and texture, she is a name to watch."

Duffy (singer)

"For me Scarlett Raven is one of the most exciting emerging artists. Her effortless femininity, so romantic and brave - gallant and beautiful. Her piece 'The Lovers' hangs proud in my heart. I am a big fan."

Raphael Ravenscroft, Composer

“Scarlett is an artist through and through with all its dark and light shades, she lives and breathes painting to almost every exclusion. Just like myself when I first picked up a Saxophone – she found her first love. Since the age of 4 for Scarlett there has never been a Plan B. She lays herself bare quite literally and I am enormously proud of her as my daughter and for her brilliant future.”

Jim Beach, Manager of the Rock Band 'Queen'.

‘’Scarlet is a one off – in every sense’’

Mark Cass Founder & CEO of CASS ART

" Scarlett is a rare young talent and someone who I know will have paint throbbing through her veins forever . I am always excited to see her sculptural vivid paintings  knowing her whole heart has been applied. She deserves all the  success and as one of her biggest fans  I will be watching her progress Eagerly."

Paul Latham,  President of Live Nation UK and International Chief Operating Officer of Live Nation COO.

"I approached Scarlett to commission a piece to try to reflect what fans see at one of our festivals…. We have lots of 2 dimensional photographs so I wanted something that captured the very essence of live performance and being part of a huge crowd. Suffice to say what Scarlett delivered for us far exceeded anything I could have imagined. For an artist to be able to depict the colour and vibrancy of a concert in such a dynamic and 3-dimensional, passionate way showed great mastery and vision…simply breath-taking… as we hope all our live experiences are."







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