Laurie Freeman

Artist Statement

 Like many artists today, my body of work is diverse in object and idea and includes writing, but sculptural based art is my primary focus.  Although I have an equal interest in all art forms and eras, my inspiration stems from the Constructivist and Minimalist movements and artists.  I seek to retain the minimal aesthetic by manipulating my materials into formal relationships with simplistic treatment.  Through artistic development I focus my sculptural artworks on using PVC plumbing and the human form (mannequins and casted form life) with highly finished surfaces and through melding these two components, allow both elements to develop a relationship to become one object.


The research and discussion for these works ranges from a reflection of colour theory and referencing recent art history, the individual merging within the constructed environment (social and architectural) and examining the insatiable drive of ideal beauty and perfection.  The mannequins are what we aspire to with our outwardly image and heightened with the use of garish or vibrant colours that is reminiscent of the attention we want to bring to ourselves.  


Mannequins present to us an image to position us within the social environment and demonstrate how we should experience the world around us and navigate social structures.  The PVC plumbing reflects our uncanny way of ignoring the cardinal humours, (sweat, blood, urine, and excrement, all of which in the past was believed to determine the mental and physical qualities of a being) and the architectural world that is capable of making unpleasant things, invisible.  We are able to easily ignore what we don’t want to acknowledge.  Each individual pieces theme is that from a moment of inspiration from my environment that use these discussion/concepts as a starting point.    


This series of objects developed out of philosophical concepts by writers such as Jacques Ellul and Paul Vilrilio and re-examining Minimalist theory and New Figuration.  Other writers that have informed my work are Clement Greenberg and Arthur C. Danto amongst others.

The Affordable Art Fair Spring


2008 - Collect4, Group Show
2006 - Quixotic, Group Show
2006 - Display Until, Postgraduation Group Exhibition
2006 - Interim Exhibition, Postgraduate Group Exhibition
2004-2005 displayed work at Etcetera Restaurant
2004 - Show #2 – solo exhibition
Studio 54
Victoria, BC, Canada
2004 - Graduation Exhibition, University of Victoria, Fine Arts Department
2003 - Show #1 – solo exhibition
Studio 54
Victoria, BC, Canada
2002 - Doppelganger,  group exhibition
Concourse Gallery
Victoria, BC, Canada