Laura Fishman

Artist Statement

Laura Fishman earned her BFA in Painting (cum laude) from the State University of New York. It was here that she studied with abstract expressionist Joop Sanders, friend and apprentice of Willem de Kooning, and with Hudson River Valley artist Alex Martin. Fishman continued her studies in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and earned her MA Fine Art at Middlesex University, London. She remains active with artist communities, exhibitions and associations in the United Kingdom, Europe and in the United States. Laura currently lives and works in London, is a GOLDEN Artist Eductor and is art curator at Stephens House & Gardens, Finchley. 

Fishman's artistic vision is to connect with the viewer through the language of colour and paint, and to convey her experiences. With bold brushstrokes, drips and pours, she intuitively works opaque and translucent layers to produce surfaces that are beautifully textured, sublimely multicoloured and visually engaging. Since her early devotion to painting, her primary motivation has been nature and the world around her. The most satisfying aspect of her artistic process is the time spent working out ideas and following her instincts. She gravitates toward the abstract in art because it allows her freedom to interpret the world she sees through her own creative lens.

Pour Paintings

For Laura Fishman's 'Pour Paintings', she explores how gravity pulls highly viscous paint. The process takes hours to form and days to dry. She uses a bold, playful palette that can trickle off, through or be completely free from the support, adding a playfulness to her work as she questions the notion of painting. Balancing experience along with discovery and chance, tension lies in the controlled gesture. As the colours swirl and mingle, the movement creates designs evocative of the intricate patterns of nature.

Laura Fishman is a visionary. On her craft, she says..

"Since my early devotion to painting, I’ve been motivated by a love of nature and a fascination with paint as a material. My paintings feature colour, texture and movement. I use techniques that involve pouring paint, mimicking the dynamic patterns and flow in nature, reminiscent of minerals like marble and agate. I gravitate toward the abstract in art because it allows me the freedom to interpret the world I see through my own creative lens."

Stephens House & Gardens Residency

‘A Walk in the Park’ was the solo exhibition of Laura's collection semi-abstract landscape paintings as artist in residence at Stephens House & Gardens. These works were inspired by the extensive gardens that have been local to the artist for many years. As a result of her residency, Laura was appointed curator at Stephens House & Gardens and is responsible for artist residencies, exhbitions and workshops. At Stephens House & Gardens there is a constant wealth of inspiration and ideas that continue to feed into her creative spirit. 

Solo Exhibition and Residency 'High Viscosity' at DegreeArt

During Laura Fishman's Solo Exhibition and Residency 'High Viscosity' at DegreeArt, she transformed the gallery space with paintings, installation, video and sculpture. The exhibition linked the various surfaces and features, both literally and figuratively, which created a dynamic relationship with the viewer. Emphasis was put on the work's physicality and materiality, and the process of allowing the materials to find their own form and the creative possibilities.



Infinite Possibilities Chelsea September 2018
From ArtCan with Love London April 2018
Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London London March 2018
Origins Chelsea October 2017
Appearance Of... London October 2017
The Other Art Fair, London April 2017 London March 2017 to April 2017
Battersea AAF October 2016
Hampstead AAF June 2016
'Square Foot Art Basel Miami Three' 28 Nov - 9 Jan, 2016 Miami, Florida November 2015 to January 2016
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead London June 2014

Achievements & Awards

Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year Competition, Heat 6 Sky Arts Winner 2017
Artsdepot Open Artsdepot Winner 2013