Juanjuan Liu

Artist Statement

Liu Juanjuan was born in 1986 in Xining City, Qinghai Province. Ever since she was a child, she enjoyed painting, at the age of around 5 years old, she began painting children's paintings and then began her in-depth study of traditional Chinese painting. During her high school years, she often went to Wang Huaxiang's “fly, the art of art schools” learning oil painting, unlike the other art students who took the traditional road of studies. Juanjuan’s lifestyle is simple yet enriching, free and happy, her purpose is to create thoughtful work. There is always a mysterious kernel, and she sometimes attributes it to something in a Bohemian way, so that this mysticism, the feeling of the inner creative power, is a spiritual product rather than an external image. There is no literal theme of art, apart from the use of colour, lines and the relationship between them to form the theme of colour and form of harmony, coming from the strict sense of a human soul being touched. Juanjuan’s paintings are mostly represented through the characteristics of colour, and can often be felt like a story, the characteristics of the fairy tale, the screen space, arranged in a vibrating, rapid movement of the colour block, the story will emerge through these abstract patterns. The intention of expression is through the lines and colours, space and movement, with reference to anything visible to nature, to show a spiritual reaction and judgment.