Clem So

Artist Statement

My current work sees me unravel my outer shell and burrow deeper into the underbelly of my own identity, as a British born artist of Chinese descent, my work is fully engaged in the investigation of my own cultural conundrum.

This is reflected in my illustrations, which begin with the flow of Chinese ink, bleeding, layering and merging with photographic elements such as food, ghost money and terracotta warriors, suggesting, connection, memory, culture and the afterlife.

Through a combination of the traditional and digital process, I am able to peel back and reveal hidden layers of abstracted texture and subtle gestures of narrative transmitted as compelling portraiture and installation work. This desire to connect with my ancestral past feels intangible but it is there nevertheless and I want to convey that.

The aim of my work is to entice you with a simultaneity of narratives and a genuine desire for you to be engaged with the work and perhaps reflect, reminisce regarding your own family connections. Where am I from? Who am I really? What are all the conditions that caused me to exist?






2009 - Art4orce at the Roland Lewinsky, Plymouth

2009- Devon Open Studios, The Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth

2009 - Solo show at Birdwood Gallery, Totnes

2010 - Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth

2010- Pop Gallery, Exeter

2011- Solo show at Centrespace gallery, Bristol

2011 -Immersive Worlds, group show at Torre Abbey Spanish Barn, Torquay

2011- Solo show at Exeter Phoenix, Bar Gallery

2011- Paintings on display as part of a Festival at the Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth

2011 Beyond Boundaries, group show at Torre Abbey Spanish barn, Torquay

2011 Group exhibition and short listed as part of the Evolver Prize, Thelma Hulbert gallery, Honiton

2011 Trace, group exhibition with Kate Marshall and Alice Leach

2012 Affirmation, group exhibition at Torre Abbey Spanish Barn, Torquay

2012 November, True Identity, View Art Gallery, Bristol