Benjamin Cohen

Artist Statement

My practice is predominantly based around the human figure. I am very much interested in the realness and intensity of the sensation experienced from the subject’s presence. The methodology and the language of the paint is integral to the emergence of the image.

In this respect, I wholeheartedly believe the language of paint to be the true essence of my practice. I have, in the past, felt the need to attempt to explain exactly what the work means. I wanted to provide the paintings with an explanation; a logical reasoning that would justify, clarify, reinforce and better the work.

Yet, the justification is found in the paintings themselves, in the true nature and articulation of the paint. Paint is its own language, a unique expression that I cannot possibly put into words. I may start a painting with a certain idea in mind, with a particular notion or concern that I wish to address, but, inevitably, the painting takes on its own life and I find it hard to speak on its behalf.




2009 - Return to Reason

2008 - BP Portrait Award

2008 - The Pride Art Gallery Summer Exhibition

2007 - The Salon Exhibition