Andy Van Dinh

Artist Statement

My process of art making are linked to the ideas of internal versus external, nostalgia, the ephemeral, and behave as a performance of identity. Like the self, my art is an accumulation of memories/concepts, searching for the inner by way of the outer and vice versa. Through this act, I celebrate the mundane activities that govern the way we -- as human beings — actively choose (or do not choose) to imagine, to love, to lose, to forget. I play with these narratives of longing to scrutinize the relationship between language and experience.



Solo Exhibitions:

2014, Sept.15th- Sept.19th, Somewhere Near, The Little Gallery, University of Calgary

2014, Mar.24th- Mar.28th, Retold, Gallery 621, University of Calgary

2013, Oct.1st- Nov.29th, Here Now As I Reminisce, Stride +15, Calgary AB

2013, Sept.19th, Dreaming of a Daydream, St[art] Art Central, Calgary AB

Group Exhibitions:

2015,  SMOKE, 3rd edition of the International Motion Festival – IMF 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus (March 26-29) Collaborator: Jean-René Leblanc

2014, Sept.20th-Sept.22ndSMOKE, Access Code Short Film Festical, Bangalore, Karnataka, India,Collaborator: Jean-Rene Leblanc

2014, Aug.23rd- Sept.7th, Social Cities - Self Identities, Common Places: SMOKE, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice, Italy, Collaborator: Jean-Rene Leblanc, Curator: Luca Cursi

2014, Aug.13th, SMOKE, Square Pegs VII: Public Film and Video in Market Square, Modernful, Kingston, On, Canada, Collaborator: Jean-Rene Leblanc

2012, Aug.20th-Aug.27th, Inventory, Little Gallery, University of Calgary AB

2012, Apr.20th-May.25th, The Other, The Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary

2012, Apr.12th-Apr.22nd, PUSH Exhibition, Virginia Christopher, Calgary AB.

2012, Mar.5st-10th, Oscillations, Little Gallery, University of Calgary

2012, Mar.5th-Mar.16th, Edit, The Wonder Gallery, University of Calgary

2011, Apr. 21-28th, PUSH Exhibition, Dean’s suite/Little Gallery, University of Calgary

2011, Feb.11th-Mar.13th, “A Most Urgent Concern” The New Gallery, Art Central, Calgary AB.

2010, March.25th-28th, VSUS, Little Gallery, University of Calgary


2011, Jack Wise Award for Excellence in art 2011, Jack Wise Award for Excellence in Painting 2008, John Will Art Entrance Award