Alice Kirkham

Artist Statement

Alice has been working as a professional Artist and Designer for 3 years. Creating her own work and working at the studios of artist Damien Hirst, Designer Jewellers Tatty Devine and currently works as a Graphic Designer for UK art shops Cass Art.   

At the core of Alice's practice is the process of abstraction, a way of refining complex imagery into coded shapes and structures, echoing that of the data compression process minification, which minimizes data whilst keeping the original source of the meaning. Focusing on themes surrounding the juxtaposition of the commercial art world in relation to its emerging links with social media and online tabloids. The work embodies, in its simplest essence, the act of creating something from nothing, the everyday passing of pointless information is gathered transformed and given a higher status than was ever intended, or deserved, through its progression and ascension in to Art.




Teeth cut, but have you washed your hands? Graduate exhibition, Brick lane, London & Bournemouth, UK

General Enquiries, Painting exhibition, Arts University Bournemouth 

The Sorting Room Dorset Arts Fair, Kingston Maurward House, Dorchester.

Mind over Matter, Sovereign Centre, Boscombe, Bournemouth